Philadelphia Flyers Heads to the Stanley Cup Finals
Published: April 5, 2010
Team wins Eastern Conference Championship for first time since 1997. The Stanley Cup finals are back in orange and black. Led by players who stormed back this postseason from injury and a colossal deficit, the Philadelphia Flyers have rekindled some of their old "Broad Street Bullies" championship days and can win their first Stanley Cup since 1975.

Mike Richards scored an empty-netter in a most bruising fashion, Arron Asham and Jeff Carter scored goals 84 seconds apart in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals and the Flyers beat the Montreal Canadiens 4-2 on Monday night to advance to their first Cup finals since 1997.
Buju Denies All Allegations of Drugs Dealing Againts Him
Published: Wednesday | December 16, 2009
Buju Banton agreed in court Wednesday to be transferred from Miami to Tampa, where he faces federal drug charges. The reggae supperstar is accused along with two others of buying cocaine last week from an undercover law-enforcement officer in Sarasota. Banton was arrested last Thursday at his home in Tamarac, Florida.

Wearing a beige jail jumpsuit and shackles, Banton sat expressionless in the front row of the Miami federal courtroom Wednesday morning. His trademark dreadlocks pulled back off his narrow face and rolled into a bundle. Occasionally, he looked across the courtroom where, in the back row, his publicist and two members of the local Jamaican Consulate observed
the proceedings. The only time Banton spoke was when he uttered his real name and
age, and confir- med to U.S. Magistrate Judge William Turnoff that he was indeed
waiving his bail hearing in Miami to be transferred to Tampa.
"He's a very spiritual person. He's a very positive person,'' his attorney, Herbert Erving Walker III, said about his mood. "I'm confident he's going to be exonerated.''

Walker also added that Banton, whose album 'Rasta Got Soul' is nominated for the Grammy Reggae Album of the Year, is looking forward to "getting back to doing what he does, which is make music for the people of the world.'' Buju Banton's ninth studio album, Rasta Got Soul, is currently
nominated for a Grammy which is schedule for January 31, 2010 in Hollywood, LA.
(L-R) Beenie Man-Bounty Killer- Mavado-Aidonia
Dancehall Noble Entertainers Visa revoked
Local dancehall stars Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Mavado and Aidonia, as well as selector Ricky Trooper, are set to lose millions of dollars in earnings based on United States decision to revoke their visas. The news came last Wednesday that the United States Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica has decided to revoke the visas of the
"When we looked at this, there's more than 68,000 accidents [a year] that are what we call or the state calls non-reportable. Currently, we dispatch a vehicle to each one of those accidents...and in most cases, people are just looking for the DC (District Control) number to give their insurance companies," said Lt. Vanore. The Flyers, who needed a shootout win in the last game of the season to clinch a playoff spot, will play the Western Conference champion Chicago Blackhawks in Game 1 on Saturday. Michael Leighton allowed a goal 59 seconds into the game, then shut down the Canadiens, who showed a resilient comeback spirit in the first two rounds.

The Flyers took a 3-1 lead into the third period, leaving the final 20 minutes as one raucous coronation party. Nearly 20,000 giddy fans dressed in pumpkin-orange giveaway T-shirts chanted "Let's Go Flyers!" but couldn't exhale until the end. "I was counting down the clock the last 2 minutes, I couldn't wait for it to wind down," Leighton said. "Last couple of minutes we did a great job." Once Carter scored the empty-netter in the final seconds, the crowd exploded in a championship frenzy.

The finals seem a fitting result for a Flyers organization that still has some  "Broad Street Bullies" in their bloodlines. Forget dropping the gloves: This year's Flyers have shown an awesome ability to fight back on guts alone. Down 3-0 in the conference semifinals vs. Boston and trailing 3-0 in Game 7, the Flyers rallied to win in one of the sport's all-time great comebacks. For all the knocks Philly takes as a title-starved sports town, all four major pro teams have made the championship round of their sport in the last 10 years. The Phillies in 2008 have won Philadelphia's only championship since 1983.

five but, so far, there has been no word from the Embassy as to why.

And even as Jamaicans speculate about the reason for this decision by the US Embassy, the fact remains that the Island will lose Millions as a result. All four djs are scheduled to perform at next month's 'Best of the Best' concert at Bicentennial Park, in Miami, Florida. This concert is the biggest in America and carries the most Dancehall Artists.