D’ Angel Performance in Philadelphia

By: Stephanie Hamm  -  10/17/2007

Still fresh from all the controversy and media attention, there were high expectations from everyone in Philadelphia wanting to see if D' Angel could "hold it down" on her own. She was booked to perform at Soupy’s birthday party on October 13, 2007 in Philadelphia.

D' Angel had a full day of radio interviews, so I decided to go see who she is off stage. On my way driving to the radio station I tuned in to wkdu, 91.7 fm, and D' Angel was being introduced to the public "what's up Philadelphia? Tonight Lancaster hall sell off," she was setting the stage to let everyone know that she was in town.
As I walked in the room she was still being interviewed, and everyone in the room had a question for her. One of the questions asked was, "Now that you and Beenie Man have broken up do you think that you and Bounty Killa have a chance of getting back together?" Her response was, "I wish Beenie all the best." Then she paused and laughed and continued, "I wish him all the best, but all I'm focused on right now is my son Marco-Dean and my career."

D' Angel continued to speak about her career and in that time she thanked her fans that have been with her from day one and All who had stuck with her through the transition and all those who are new and rolling with her. She also stated that “people go through breakups everyday, but the only difference is that I’m in the spotlight of the media”.

She then gave the listeners a taste of her new songs that will be on her highly anticipated album set to be released early next year. She then signed a couple autographs and before leaving radio station she went around the room personally thanking everyone.

Later that night at Lancaster Hall everyone is dancing and enjoying the night and in comes D' Angel with a smile on her face and all eyes on her. It wasn't long before she blended into the crowd and was grooving to the music like everyone else.

After a little enjoyment D' Angel went to bless the stage with a couple of her songs. She showed everyone that she is a very good performer even when Beenie Man is not on stage with her, or in her life. As she finished performing she went on to sign autographs and took pictures with her fans.
D’ Angel
Deejay Spice is back!  

"Wickeder than ever!!" – Spice
Deejay Spice
Spice is back and she is making no bones about it either. Pregnancy might have slowed her down, but definitely didn't hamper her progress on the dancehall scene.

Now that she has given birth to her precious bundle of joy, Spice is even more determined to eat a bigger slice of the pie. According to her, she's back and wickeder than ever. "All dem gal weh tink dem a run di place...watch out..." was the warning from the lyrically sharp Deejay to D'Angel.

Those are no idle threats considering she has pitted her deejaying skills against the very energetic DJ Elephant Man at Sting 2002 and that contest was just too close to call. She has the respect of other top male DJs who has seen her in lethal action.

And to think that the sexy, almost shy DJ once contemplated a career as a Chartered Accountant!

"Yup I was doing business in school and I passed eight subjects...was gearing up for sixth form at St. Catherine High and decided I couldn't deal with all those numbers for the
rest of my life," Spice confessed. Grace Hamilton then enrolled at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts to do voicing and drama...during that time she also joined the group Ashe. Now a mother Spice admits to being motivated by her son to push her career to the next level and so she is working with the best in the business to take her there.
December 14th marked the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Jamaica slave trade.  Barbie got the call to represent both Jamaica and reggae at the United Nations along with poet Sonia Sanchez and Calypso king, The Mighty Sparrow.  “It was an exhilarating experience, it is something I will cherish and never forget,” said the singer who says she is Jamaican-Nigerian.  “I sang Candle Light, a song I wrote that speaks of love and peace and hope.  I did it because I cannot forget what happened in the past and that it is those people, who suffered, who has enabled me and others to do the things we are now doing.  It is my way of giving back to them.”
Barbie insists that the rumors about her being a home wrecker is false, she claims the relationship that she and Beenie Man shares is strictly business. “Beenie Man is a good business partner and we will continue to work together in the future.  However, I am still single and looking.”  Like most women Barbie is looking for a man that is honest, considerate and supportive.

Barbie has recently completed her single, Patty Cakes, and shot the video.  Her forth coming album is set to be released some time this year.  Barbie credits her mother for keeping her grounded and helping her make it this far.  Barbie is on her way to the top with or without her haters.  At six feet, she has beauty, brains and determination.   Now all Barbie has to do is find her Ken. 
Barbie Carries The Torch
For Jamaica
ACE-BOSSMAN Resurfaced Philadelphia
To most of the young crowd he is one of the newest players in the Reggae Dancehall scene, but if you go back ten to fifteen years the name ACE would tell a story.

He is now the most popular players in the Reggae Dancehall Philadelphia scene. Ace Bossman, is the former talent scout and current party promoter.

Ace operates the Mellow Moods Bar and Grill Night Club, which is the newest and hottest venues featuring Jamaican dancehall music. It's located at 1550 Adams Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. The three dimensional club has a modern décor upstairs and downstairs and an outside deck for smokers.

Ace’s coup de grace is landing the popular dancehall Jamaican party 'Stress Free' every other Fridays at the club. The one time talent scout for the Refugee camp has been promoting since '93' and have worked with artists such as Wyclef Jean, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, and rapper Fifty Cents.

Ace is currently working on bring back one of the bigest show to ever hit Philadelphia "The Bob Marley Festival" He states that the club is also available for fashion shows and birthday parties. For bookings please visit www.mellowmoodnights.com
Roger Grant July 8th, 2008
Philadelphia's First Lady Summer Angel
It can be safely stated that Summer Angel is now considered Philadelphia’s First lady top DJ /singer and also the Queen of Wildfire Records. While she stands a petite five feet three inches, she is by no means small in statue.

Summer Angel has the voice, the appeal and the stage presence that allows her to stand head and shoulders with other reggae dancehall performers in any arena. Summer Angel is an accomplished artist and songwriter and continues to step up her game in the industry. Born Skeitha Richards a/k/a Summer Angel in 1982 on the island of Jamaica.

Angel migrated to the United States at the early age of five and was already glowing with grandiose ideas of entering the entertainment arena. Her mother has been nicked named “Talk about Pat” and her father hailed as “Captian Bebo Dan. Both her parents always knew that their daughter has always had something special about her on the inside. She initially linked up with producer Billy Slata who influenced her writing and styling of lyrical arrangements (roots and cultural, Reggae) in New York City, where she began her dream, to .......

Read More @  www.myspace.com/wfrsummerangel
It was this pursuit that led him to Dillon Reid of Manatee Records, who was impressed with his
lyrical bravado. He recorded two tracks entitled, ‘Money Haffi Mek’ and ‘Saturday Night’ after which G:Maffiah went on to work with other prominent Producers such as Jah Snow Cone, Lady G, Mickey John of Lion Paw Production, Power Mix Records Entertainment out of New York, King Jammys and Kingston 6 Rekords/BYG Family Muzik.
Daddy although yuh gone...Memories live on
BY: -G Maffiah-
Summer Angel
Ding Dong
  3  4   14Skip to Ma Lue – QQ feat Ding Dong – QG Production U-1
  2  2   13True Friend – Demarco – Fresh Ear NM
TW     LW       WOC
  1  1   13Holiday – Ding Dong / Chevaughn  (4wk@#1) NM
  4  5     9 My Money (Ha Ha)  – Merital feat Vybz Kartel 
  5  8    10       House Cleaning – Mavado – Heart of Love U-3
  6  6   17       Love Dem - Vybz Kartel  - Heart of Love (2wks@#1) NM
  7  7    12       Lockdown – Ms Triniti feat Vybz Kartel – Heart to Heart
8 10  17Life We Living - Vybz Kartel – Cash Flow/Adidjaheim U-2
  9   9   11        Mood For Love - Idonia – Big Ship NM
1011    9       Mi Want My Own – Tyrical – Seanizzle Records U-1
  1  11 15     Trial & Crosses – Twins of Twins – Kng 13 Prodtns. NM (2@1)
Numbers in bracket indicate the number of weeks at the No. 1 Spot.
Key:   U = Upward, D = Down, NM = Non Mover,  TW = This Week,
LW = Last Week, WOC = Weeks on Chart, PP in bracket = Peak Position

Chart Submitted By: Richie B – “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM
There are various ways to describe an Artiste. Some can be powerful in their delivery, energetic, explosive, humorous, while others just poetic. G Maffiah has managed to cop a little bit of everything and for anyone that has experienced the lyrical prowess of this Artiste will certainly agree. Maffiah believes he was destined to be a performer.
This entertainer is a prolific song writer that has bestowed his skill to other popular artistes such as Macka Diamond,
Queen Paula, Mad Anju, Lady G and Red Rose. He has graced the overseas stage in places such as the Bahamas, Connecticut, New York, Orlando and New Jersey. And proved himself immensely when he displayed a stellar performance at Sting 2006, Jamaica.

He is thankful to the creator for blessing him with this gift and hope that one day soon he will accomplish his dream of being renowned internationally.