Part of the song goes: Boy I got to tell u this/You got me fallin' down your precipice/ I never expected it, but u shot me, u shot me, like cupid/I was, thinking I'm a gangster girl/ I never saw the man to tame my world/ but you, came and changed it up and now me want/

Cook fi you/ wash for you/ make up your bed and clean your house for you/ press you clothes fi you/ spend mi money fi you/ accept your baby mama and your pickney too ...

Ce'Cile wrote and recorded the song last Wednesday and it was mixed and released by the celebrated producer, who recently parted ways with singer Alaine.

She says that if it does well it could make its way onto an album she is planning for her overseas audience. "I may put it on the Japan album, not sure 'bout the New Style album yet, but if it's hot, maybe," she said. The New Style album is set for release in March 2010.

Three other ladies of the dancehall have released songs on the rhythm's one-drop version that are currently getting rotation on local radio stations. They include Tifa's Why, Kris Kelli's Never Give In and Denyque's Pieces. According to Ce'Cile, the producer plans to record other women on the rhythm in the near future.      'Posted: October 21, 2008'
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Weight Watchers has found a new celebrity spokeswoman in actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, who recently slimmed down after the birth of her first son. Hudson tracks her progress using the official Weight Watchers iPhone app and has praised the diet for its effects on her shape. But is there more to the Oscar winner's transformation than points and portion control?

The "American Idol" finalist and award-winning actress, who weighs less than she did pre-pregnancy, appeared on "Good Morning America" to discuss her newfound slimness. She credits her baby son, David Daniel Otunga, Jr., for steering her in an overall healthy-living direction. The boy was born in August 2009.
Jennifer in September, 2009 - WireImage
And TV host Jillian Barberie employed trainer Billy Ashley while working as the face of Nutrisystem. Marie Osmond hocked Nutrisystem's benefits in an official capacity as well -- though samba-ing across the "Dancing With the Stars" stage could only have helped the former talk show host reach her weight goal.

According to Liz Josefsberg, Hudson's Weight Watchers leader, the "American Idol" finalist lost weight at an average of half a pound to two pounds a week, a very healthy and safe pace. Josefsberg explains that many Weight Watchers clients begin exercising while on the program, in an all-around shift towards a healthier lifestyle. "It's not uncommon for our members to become more active. You can't do one without the other. You change the way you eat and then you must become more active."   -Posted: April 5, 2010-
The World renounce dancehall artist Beenie Man and Bounty Killer are not only known for their celebrated dancehall hits, but also to be the biggest rival’s in the dancehall industry from the early 90’s. Beenie Man ascertains that the work he has done in the music industry surpasses that of the notorious Bounty Killer. Beenie man claims that Bounty Killer has not produced any hits since the year 2000; instead he has been living off the glory he attains from the artists he claims to buss. "He has not buss any artist!" Beenie affirm. "He only highlighted them, to buss an artist you have to work with them from scratch, write a song for them or produce them."

Beenie further went on to state that, "Bounty Killer is a waste of time! He has no legacy and no career." He continued his argument by comparing the artists he has produced to those of Bounty Killers, such as Preddy, a product of Bounty who has only produced one hit as compared to Kitty Paw a product of Beenie Man whom Beenie claims is touring more than Bounty.

In the ongoing rivalry between Mavado and Kartel, Beenie Man has explicitly declared to be on the 'Gaza' side, and anti-Alliance which is an organization of artist under the leadership of Bounty Killer. This declara- tion was made in various media but was certified by the hit single “ah Gaza mi seh,” which is creating waves in the dancehall fraternity.
Beenie Man avowed that another hit song he has done called 'Stock and Pile' is not a counteraction to Mavado’s 'Money Nuff', but merely a way to show that other artist in the music industry were making money before these younger artist emerged and hence have more money, "Stock and Pile than them". Beenie Man concluded his arguments against Bounty killer by stating that “Bounty is the biggest Gal Clown in Jamaica even before Vibes Kartel wrote the song 'Gal Clown' for Bounty. These statements therefore affirm that the ongoing rivalry between these veteran dancehall artists is not near its conclusion.    'Posted: June 23, 2009'
When Ce'Cile dropped her latest single, 'Anything', last week, it became one of four songs by female artistes on a rhythm that creator Don Corleon has, not surprisingly, named the Feminine rhythm.

Anything is an infectious song about a woman doing, well anything, for the man she loves, including cooking
, washing and cleaning. "It's a very nice 'man' song like Waiting," said the dancehall diva referring to the hit song from her last album. "I'm giving all love to the men for 2009."
Dancehall Artists being banned for voilent lyrics
Beenie Man
Authorities around almost all the Caribbean Islands are moving to ban Jamaican Dance- hall artists whose music appears to influence gang-related activity and voilence.

Vybz Kartel who is scheduled to perform in St. Lucia on April 30, was refused a work permit from Government, following a campaign by religious, women’s and civil society groups in disapproval of the artiste’s lyrical content. The Gaza Thug has been banned from performing in a number of countries including Guyana, Grenada and most recently Barbados.
Jennifer in April, 2010. Dimitrios/WireImage
"It's about balance," Hudson explained on the show, emphasizing her decision to "make better life choices, health choices, and just create a good example for him growing up."
Hudson's ad will begin airing on Sunday.
The commercial highlights the Weight Watchers regimen, but fails to mention that the Oscar winner also enlisted the help of high-profile personal trainer Harley Pasternak for near-daily workouts. "Her middle, thighs, and butt are more toned than ever," Pasternak told Us Weekly of his sessions with the Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner. "She's excited about her body."

Hudson isn't the only weight-loss spokesperson to bring a personal trainer on board. Jenny Craig mouthpiece Nicole Sullivan met with fitness honcho Christopher Lane on a weekly basis while completing the diet program. Lane's efforts, combined with daily walks, helped the "King of Queens" actress drop 35 pounds.
Jennifer Hudson Secret for slimming down
ignites gang behaviour, which leads to serious crimes being committed,” Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Gilbert Reyes told reporters.
Reyes said he had written a letter to National Security Minister Martin Joseph, requesting that Anderson be debarred from entering the country. Apparently by the time the letter had reached the Minister, it was too late because Anderson had already arrived in at the air port and was given clearance by Immigration officials. 
In Trinidad and Tobago on April 29, 2010 police blocked Romain Anderson, aka 'Black Ryno', from entering the Island to perform at a concert. Black Ryno managed to slip into the country even though the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service had been put on alert to prevent him from entering.

“We are already trying to deal with that (gang-related activities) and we cannot afford any longer for these artistes to come here with their music, which influences and