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R Kelly
Prodigal Entertainment recording artist Natalie Storm has achieved a major milestone in her skyrocketing career. The video for her single Look Pon Me is currently in rotation on two of the MTV outlets in the UK.
Natalie Strome doing it real big in the U.K

Dancehall duo Twin of Twins are claiming to be the latest victim of Internet fraud. member Patrick Gaynor, said that a fake myspace page has been created by persons posing as if they are connected to twins. "Di people dem build a fake myspace for Twin of Twins. These people are collecting money for shows and dubplates," Gaynor said.

"Weh day mi go Florida and a man approach wi and a seh how him give wi money fi show and wi don't turn up. Even dubplate people seh dem link wi pon MySpace. Dem seh dem pay for dem and dem nuh get no dubs." The Twin of Twins are not the only victim of Internet scammers, as Laden recently suffered the same fate. He said someone had been collecting money for shows and dubplates for him via his myspace page without his consent. He said he was booked by that person for five shows while he was on a three-month tour during the summer.
Myspace Fraud Hits Twins of Twins
Since Gaynor is unable to detect the scammer, he urged people to visit the duo's correct page, In addition, he said persons wishing to book the group for shows and dubplates, should contact 561-843-2581 or 876-368-6597 before making any monetary transactions.

"We find out bout this couple months ago but we figure seh a some fanatic, we never know seh it so serious," Gaynor said. "We are asking the public to make sure they go to the right myspace page. We won't be held responsible fi anybody weh get conned, so be careful."
popular soundsystem Swatch International. To see the latest with Natalie Storm check out, @nataliestorm on Twitter and Facebook.   -Posted April 5, 2010-

While he is aware of the situation, Gaynor said he has no idea how many persons have been swindled. He said they only found out about the scam because they were approached by victims of it. However, he has not reported the matter to the police. "Wi nuh report it yet. We should, but mi nuh really have any faith inna dem," he said while complaining that not much had been done in
relation to the death of his six-year-old son. The Twin of Twins duo has also been a victim of piracy as volumes of their CDs have been bootlegged on a wide scale.    'Posted November 9, 2009'
MTV UK and MTV Base are both airing her hot new release in regular rotation. Look Pon Me was recorded on the popular Jumeirah Riddim produced by English superstar producer Sticky. It is featured on the Jumeirah Riddim EP and was the second most purchased download in its debut week on the popular music site Juno.

When asked how he felt about the the success of the track Sticky responded," I am elated at how well the record is doing and feel really honored to have been able to produce a track for Natalie."

Natalie Storm was also overwhelmed by the great early support of the song,"People been linking me from all over the UK via Facebook and Twitter saying that they've seen the video and how much they love it. I am very excited cause this is big for me, for dancehall music and a good look for Jamaica as well."

The video is also airing on popular video outlets such as Chanel AKA and Flava TV in the UK as well as Jamaican stations such as HYPE, Tempo and RE TV where it is
currently number four on the MVP Countdown. In less than one month the hit single has also generated over 100,000 views on Youtube. The video was produced locally by Prodigal Entertainment and directed by Dexter Pottinger. It was edited in the United States to achieve true international quality.

Natalie has just completed a stint on the Gleaner school tour and is preparing for a promotional tour of the Northeast USA for Mixpak records. She is busy in studio recording songs for her own EP which will be released in the later part of this summer.
Storm is managed and produced by Prodigal Entertainment the music production arm of
Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber Team-Up
Kingston told press, “Shooting this video with Justin was awesome. When I met him two years ago, we just clicked, so it was only a matter of time before we got together in the studio.”

It sounds like the video shoot was not without the occasional craziness. “A food fight even started on set at one point when we were goofing around in between takes!”
They’re both chart toppers in their own right, and Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston have teamed up to put out one of this year’s catchiest tracks so far.

The “One Less Lonely Girl” pop star and the “Fire Burning” hitmaker both appear in the video for “Eenie Meenie” and it’s nothing short of spectacular.