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Posted October 21, 2009
Buju Banton Meets with Gay Leaders during his U.S 'Rasta Got Hate' Tour

Facing a string of canceled concerts and protests by angry gay activists, controversial Reggae Artiste and opposed Gays Buju Banton met with several gay leaders during a tour stop in San Francisco on October 12.

The meeting was arranged by gay leaders Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who is running for Mayor in San Francisco. In an attemp to pressure the artiste into stop using anti-gay lyrics in his songs and that he make statements in Jamaica calling for love toward gays.

Buju Banton says he will not "surrender" to the group's philanthropy proposals as they would contradict his religion and culture. He also went on to say that the only reason why he met with them was because Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who is running for San Francisco Mayor, made a request.

"It is not about boxing food out my mouth, if a that I would have surren- dered to the system a long time ago. The mayor of San Francisco, or the mayor-to-be, claimed that I was in his district and that it was imperative for him and his organisation to meet with me to further see what kind of personality or character I have."
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arguing. A fight start and spilled out onto the sidewalk. The police were called by Novia Watson, a companion of Mr. Dixon who saw when it all stared.

The cops arrived on the scence within minutes of the 911 call where they found Dixon wounded and Joseph still clutching the bloody sword.

Later that Sunday afternoon, Mr. Dixon came home from the hospital, still wearing his hospital gown, and bandage on his left hand and white gauze wrapped around his right hand and his dreadlocks.
In Photo, Back row, L - R: Jonathan Mack, Buju P.R. Rep, Bevan Dufty, Andrea Shorter, Eric Mar, Rebecca Rolfe, Tracii McGregor, Michael Petrelis and Buju
Hours after Monday's meeting in San Francisco, a group of gay activists  pepper-sprayed Buju Banton concert.

"This is a fight, and as I said in one of my songs 'there is no end to the war between me and faggot' and it's clear .... The same night after I met with them 'gay associates', they pepper-sprayed the concert. So what are you trying to tell me?" "Them come with demands which I and I a go flop dem right now, because give thanks to my culture and upbringing I coulda never endorse them things. I can't sell myself out, neither would I do that in a thou- sand years. I love everyone in the world. I don't love no special group from another group. There are other needy organisations out there."

Banton is set to proform in Miami, Florida at the James L. Knight Center on October, 31 along side Beenie Man and Wayne Wonder.
Major Mackerel slashed with a sword
by a jealous husband

When the fight was over, the police had arrested Oscar Joseph, 37, on charges including assault with intent to cause serious injury — in this case, to his neighbor 41 years old Garfield Dixon.

The Brooklyn police were called to a two-story brick house on East 91st Street in Brooklyn, New York, where the Jamaican Dj and Mr. Joseph live
Major Mackerel -- Photo By: Michael Nagle/New York Times
Posted October 6, 2009
on different floors. Mr. Dixon was found with lacerations to the head, arm and hand. The police arrested Mr. Joseph and recovered a two-foot-long sword. Mr. Dixon was later taken to Kings County Hospital Center.

According to reports, early Sunday morning Joseph ambushed the reggae artiste with a two-foot long weapon in front of his home and accused him of flirting and harassing his wife. The Dj, however, denied the allegation and two men started